I wanted to blog today, I really, really did. But I can’t bring myself to pretend like someone else cares. Not today, I just feel sick thinking about it.

I don’t blame anyone for not caring, truly I blame myself for not being good enough to make someone care.

I’m sorry I’m so negative.

I’m sorry I’m not smart.

I’m sorry I’m not beautiful.

I’m sorry I’m not good enough.

I’m sorry I’m not interesting.

I’m sorry I give up so easily.

I’m sorry that I’m lost.

I’m sorry for everything that I am.

I’m sorry that I am just a ‘kid.’

I’m so fucking sorry that I don’t try hard enough.

I’m sorry that I mess up.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t love you.

I’m sorry that I did love you.

I’m sorry for thinking I could ever do anything right.

I’m sorry. Maybe I can blog again sometime next week. I’m sorry.

(Apologetic Alice.)


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